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Would you like to know how to get SPONSORED by SHEIN? Many are already earning RECEIVES from this fast fashion giant, see how to get it in this article!








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Who wouldn’t want to be sponsored by SHEIN and receive a series of perks and treats from this fast fashion giant for promoting their brand on social media?

If you want to be a SHEIN partner but have no idea where to start to partner with SHEIN and win free clothes, rest assured that in this article I will explain exactly everything about SHEIN sponsorship.

In this article we will cover the following topics:

  1. Is there any kind of SHEIN sponsorship?
  2. What do I need to partner with SHEIN?
  3. How to get sponsored by shein?
  4. Conclusion

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Is there any kind of SHEIN sponsorship?

It is possible that, if you have an audience on social networks, you will receive sponsorship from SHEIN through the Sheingal program, where you receive exclusive benefits for promoting the company’s brand in your networks.

This program has drawn a lot of attention from bloggers who have been in the market longer and those who are starting out and have a growing audience on their profiles and also dream of partnering with SHEIN.

Through the Sheingal program, you share photos on your Instagram and other social networks such as TikToc showing looks with SHEIN clothes.

And make no mistake, there are many bloggers joining the program and being sponsored by SHEIN even with a low audience, so don’t be discouraged and read this article carefully to understand how it works.

how to get sponsored by shein


Did you like the idea of being sponsored by SHEIN, do you want to know what it’s like to be sponsored by SHEIN through the Sheingal program?

Then watch this video by Mayara Pereira, she is one of SHEIN’s partners, she is Brazilian, so you will have to activate the English subtitles, (I didn’t find any US Sheingal):



What do I need to partner with SHEIN?

To be a SHEIN partner, you must apply for the Sheingal program and you need to meet some requirements to participate in the program, they are:

  • Have more than 10k followers on Instagram and 1k likes on each post.
  • Have more than 15k followers on TikTok and 1k likes on each video.
  • Have more than 10,000 subscribers on YouTube and 2,000 views on each video.


What are the benefits of partnering with SHEIN?

As a SHEIN partner, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Having several business opportunities with the company;
  • Free receipts with items from the new SHEIN collections at your home;
  • Exclusive coupons, all with your name for you to disclose to your followers;
  • Opportunity to be mentioned by SHEIN on the company’s social network;
  • SHEIN Gift Card and much more!

Do I need to have all these requirements to be a SHEIN partner?

Look, not necessarily, note that the contact you will make with SHEIN to participate in the partnership program is via email, if you have a little less followers than what they are asking for but you have, for example, a good engagement, I believe you can be ranked, so don’t get discouraged and don’t give up!

Want me to prove you don’t have to be some filthy rich socialite with billions of followers?

Well, today as I am writing this article, I found a Youtuber who managed to be a partner of SHEIN, her name is Gabrielle Motta, just look at the image below how many subscribers she had at the time I concluded this article.

how to get sponsored by shein



Rest assured if you haven’t reached this goal yet, I’ll leave here some tips on how you can grow your audience so you can participate in the Sheingal program and then be able to partner with SHEIN.

I’ll leave below three super videos on how you can grow your audience on these three platforms, watch and put it into practice:


How to grow audience on Instagram?

To help you grow the number of followers on Instagram quickly so that you can get the long-awaited partnership with SHEIN, I brought you this excellent video by Sadie Aldis, watch it:



How to grow audience on TikTok?

To easily reach your goal of followers on TikTok, the best video I found was this one of Joseph Todd, the strategy he teaches is good for those who are starting and want to grow fast on the platform, check it out:



How to grow audience on YouTube?

And of course, to help you grow your YouTube channel fast and build your partnership with SHEIN, I brought you Justin Brown’s video and I’m sure it will help you a lot, watch it:



How to get SPONSORED by SHEIN?

To participate in the Sheingal program and be sponsored by SHEIN, first make sure you meet the necessary requirements, if you fit the program requirements, just send an email to with your request.

Remember to include a link to each of your social networks in the email to make it easier for SHEIN staff to assess, as they will certainly take a look at your profiles.



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I hope this article has helped you understand how you can get sponsored by SHEIN.

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