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Would you like to know how to work for SHEIN? What are the requirements? In this article I will teach you how to apply for a job at SHEIN!






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SHEIN proved to be a reliable company and shook the market within its field of activity, it grew quickly and conquers more and more customers every day, all as a result of a bold and meticulously well-planned operating model.

Trust and appreciation for the company has grown so much that many no longer want to be just consumers, but look online for information to help them find an opportunity to work for SHEIN.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today, I’ll show you how you can secure a vacancy at SHEIN and be part of the company’s employees.

In this article we will cover the following topics:

  1. What are the benefits of working for SHEIN?
  2. Does SHEIN have a work from home office?
  3. Where does SHEIN have job openings?
  4. How to work for SHEIN?
  5. frequently asked questions
  6. Conclusion

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What are the benefits of working for SHEIN?

how to work for shein


Well, before thinking about working in a company, it’s good to reflect on what advantages and benefits this company offers us as employees, isn’t it? SHEIN has many vacancies and many advantages for those who wish to be part of the company’s staff.

When working for SHEIN you will have:

  • SHEIN’s focus on your learning and professional growth;
  • Exclusive activities and events for employees;
  • Mutual learning in internal communities.


SHEIN focuses on your learning and professional growth

When working at SHEIN, you will have excellent programs for your professional development, enabling your growth through strategic training.

The company invests in its employees in order to make them expand their full potential in the long term and increasingly give the best of themselves within their scope of action.

As a SHEIN employee, you will receive equal treatment between you and all other professionals with whom you must relate in your day-to-day work, that is, within SHEIN, there is no hierarchical work environment and this enables :

  • Better work efficiency;
  • Better communicability among professionals;
  • Greater interpersonal trust;
  • Greater sense of accomplishment among teams.


Exclusive activities and events for employees

Another advantage you will have when you start working for SHEIN is being able to participate in several very fun activities that the company promotes only for its employees.

These activities and events focus on the user experience and some of the themes of these activities are:

  • Programmer’s Day;
  • Reading month;
  • Global carnival season;
  • Annual Gala.


Mutual learning in internal communities

SHEIN encourages the sharing of knowledge among professionals within their internal communities, one of the company’s premises is not to pressure you, but to encourage you to be who you are and work to your full potential as a professional.

Therefore, by being part of the SHEIN team, you can be sure that you will be working for a company that will invest in you and that you will undoubtedly be profoundly improved.



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Does SHEIN have a work from home office?

how to work for shein

I researched all the job vacancies offered by SHEIN and until the moment of the conclusion of this article, I verified that SHEIN does not offer home office job vacancies, but only face-to-face and also hybrid vacancies, which are nothing more than semi-attendance.



Where does SHEIN have job openings?

how to work for shein


If you want to work for SHEIN and you are in Brazil, I have good news! Although SHEIN is a company from China, it has vacancies in our country.

If, however, you are in another country, see the list of countries where the company offers job vacancies, this list below is the current list, referring to the month of September 2022:

  • Brazil – São Paulo;
  • Istanbul – Turkey;
  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates;
  • Singapore;
  • London, England;
  • Toronto – Canada;
  • Greater Manila – Philippines;
  • Jiangsu – China;
  • Berlin, Germany;
  • Mexico;
  • Guangzhou – China;
  • California – United States;
  • Wallonia – Belgium;
  • Lower Silesia- Poland;
  • Bangkok – Thailand.



How to work for SHEIN?

Now that you already know a little about the jobs at SHEIN and the benefits you will have when starting a career within the company, it’s time to answer your question: How to work at SHEN?

There are from time to time, as I said, many vacancies available for immediate hiring within the company and for you to be hired by SHEIN you need to look for one of these vacancies whose required professional qualification you have.



SHEIN jobs on Linkedin

In order for you to find the vacancies made available by SHEIN, you will need to download and install and create a profile on the Linkedin application, but don’t worry, I’ll leave two download links below, one for you to download Linkedin on the Iphone, the other for Android:

👉 Download Linkedin IOS (Iphone)

👉 Download Linkedin Android


If you’ve never heard of Linkedin, basically it’s a powerful application that connects you with many, many companies in Brazil and the world, it’s your digital resume, but so that you better understand what it is and what it’s for Linkedin, watch this short but enlightening video by Mark Warncken that will make you adept at the app:


When searching for the SHEIN profile on Linkedin, you will find the positions available for hiring, the places where the company offers job openings and if they are currently recruiting.

how to work for shein


By clicking on the desired position, you will have access to more details about it and you will have the option to save it to calmly evaluate the possibility of applying or you can apply for the job by clicking on simplified application.

how to work for shein


Taking Brazil as an example, you will notice that most vacancies – until the end of this article I verified that all vacancies were for the State of São Paulo – are for São Paulo.

You need to check which vacancies are for the United States, for your state and for your city or nearby cities.

This is because, as you saw at the beginning of this article, SHEIN does not treat its employees as mere numbers, but as precious assets and invests in them, which results in their growth and improvement as a professional and consequently in possible promotions within the company.

If you want to check the veracity of this information, just check this page on the SHEIN website and you will see that this is indeed part of the company’s recruitment policy.


How to work for SHEIN?

To apply for a job at SHEIN, in a simplified way, just follow the instructions below:

OBS: You can apply through the Linkedin app too, but the website is better for usability.

1. On Linkedin, search for SHEIN;

how to work for shein



2. Click on the desired job vacancy;

how to work for shein



3. Carefully read the job requirements;

how to work for shein



4. Click on “Simplified application”;

how to work for shein



5. Fill in your data and click on “Next”;

how to work for shein



6. Upload your resume;

how to work for shein



7. Click on “Next”;

how to work for shein



8. Answer the additional questions;

how to work for shein



9. Click on “Review”;

how to work for shein



10. Review all of your information;

how to work for shein



11. Click on “Send application”;

how to work for shein



12. Done! You have just applied for a job at SHEIN.



frequently asked questions

How many employees does SHEIN have?

SHEIN has more than 10,000 employees around the world, the information can be found both on the company’s website and on the profile that SHEIN has on Linkedin.

how to work for shein



How much does a SHEIN Employee make?

Salaries paid to employees by SHEIN vary by job title, an HR specialist earns an average of US$2,200 per month, while an in-company marketing manager earns an average of US$18,000 per month.

You have access to a list of salaries reported for each position held within the company by people who work or have worked at SHEIN through the Glasdoor website.

how to work for shein





I hope this article has helped you understand exactly how you can work for SHEIN, I wish you the best of luck applying for one of the many job openings SHEIN has on offer, come back here and let me know in the comments if you’ve been called to an interview!

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