Did you know that every garment at SHEIN has a DIFFERENT SIZE CHART? In this article you will know everything you need to NOT MISTAKE in your choice!







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There is a lot of doubt on the internet about the sizes of clothes sold on the SHEIN website, proof of this are the most popular searches on Google for the subject, here are some of them:

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Believe me, these are not even 10% of searches performed every day and my intention with this article is to help you understand SHEIN sizes, which are different from piece to piece, and to help you choose the one that has the best fit and the best fit without any difficulty.

Just remembering when it comes to the clothes you get for free at SHEIN, it is recommended that you also check the measurements, because if the garment does not fit you, it may make it difficult to prepare your report later.

In this article we will cover the following topics:

  1. SHEIN sizes, understanding measurements
  2. SHEIN size chart, where to find?
  3. frequently asked questions
  4. Conclusion

Good reading! ✌



SHEIN sizes, understanding measurements

There are many Dress Size Calculators on the market, where you can calculate the size of your clothes, however, on the SHEIN website you can easily do this as we will see in this article.

Like many other people, you must be wondering: How do I find sizes on the website or app? Don’t worry because that’s what we’re going to talk about in this topic…



SHEIN presents on the website, by default, the sizes of clothes from here in the United States, which are:

  • XS – Extra Small (Extra small means: Very small);
  • S – Small (Small means: Small);
  • M – Medium (Medium means: Medium);
  • L – Large (Large means: Large);
  • XL – Extra Large (Extra Large means: Very large);
  • XXL – Extra Extra Large (Extra Extra Large means: Very Very Large);
  • XXXL – Extra Extra Extra Large (Extra Extra Extra Large means: Very Very Very Large).


This even causes a lot of confusion for people from other countries such as those from my homeland, Brazil, who are used to accessing national clothing websites and finding the measurements there, which are:

  • PP – Extra Small;
  • P – Small;
  • M – Medium;
  • G – Large;
  • XL – Extra Large;
  • EG – Extra Extra Large;
  • EGG – Extra Extra Extra Large.

It turns out that SHEIN doesn’t sell clothes only to Brazil or the United States, but to the whole world and what many people don’t know is that the sizes on the SHEIN website are configurable.

There is the option for the consumer to select the measurement they want in the size table when buying the product they want, in addition to being able to convert it to the measurements of their country of origin.

Just for information, if you want to find out what the ideal shoe size is when buying at SHEIN, you can follow the same tip regarding the size guide or “use online calculators” to do this.


SHEIN size chart, where to find?

shein sizes


You can easily find the SHEIN size chart, it is available for consultation exactly in the pre-purchase process, more precisely when choosing the desired details of the piece such as color and others.

To access the SHEIN size chart, follow the instructions below, I know that many of you, for convenience, make your purchases on your cell phone, so I will provide a tutorial below so that you can find the SHEIN size chart both on your computer and on the cell.



Clothing sizes at SHEIN | by cell phone

To find SHEIN measurements on mobile purchases, follow the instructions below:


1. Choose the part you want to buy;

shein sizes



2. Touch the desired size;

Note that the size/USA appears by default and you can convert it if you are outside the United States.

shein sizes



3. Check if the chosen size has your measurements;

Do not worry that in the next topic I will help you understand better how to find out your measurements.

shein sizes


How do I find out my measurements?

As you have seen, each size you select when purchasing your clothing from SHEIN brings you a series of measurements, they are:

  • Length;
  • Bust;
  • Waist size;
  • Hip size;
  • Strap size (in case of dresses and spaghetti strap pieces);
  • Thigh (in the case of trousers, overalls, etc.).

It is extremely important that you know your body, or rather your measurements before buying your clothes online, precisely because you don’t have the chance to try them on, for that you will need a tape measure and know how to measure correctly.

Can you imagine finding that beautiful piece of clothing on the SHEIN website, buying it, waiting several days to receive it at home and… …having to return the product because it didn’t fit you? 😢


Well, if I brought you pictures to help you take your measurements and avoid headaches when shopping, I would end up running the risk of confusing you.

Therefore, I chose to bring you a super practical video by Daniela Tabois that will help you a lot to take your measurements correctly, watch and see how easy it is:



Clothing sizes at SHEIN | By the computer

To find SHEIN sizes when shopping on your computer, follow the instructions below:


1. Choose the part you want to purchase;

shein sizes


2. Click on “Size Guide”;

shein sizes



3. Select your country;

If you are accessing this article from another country, please select your nation’s measurements, I will use my home country of Brazil as an example.

shein sizes



4. Checking product measurements;

By clicking on “Product Measurements” you have access to the measurements that this product you intend to buy has.

shein sizes



5. Checking body measurements;

By clicking on “Body measurements” you have access to which body measurements this garment can support.

shein sizes


6. Compare product measurements with your body measurements.

Already knowing what your measurements are according to the video that I made available in previous topics, check if the piece you are intending to buy fits you or not.



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ATTENTION: You may notice some redundancy in the next topic “Frequently Asked Questions“, I ask you to just ignore it, it is an optimization technique for search engines, in order to make more people who have the same question as you get find this content on the internet.



frequently asked questions

Clothing size at SHEIN, where to find?

You can find the sizes of the clothes you want to buy on the SHEIN website by clicking on “Size Guide”, a size chart will open with the product measurements and body measurements.


SHEIN Brazil size chart, where can I find it?

You will find a size table with different measurements for each product, this table is available by clicking on “Size Guide“.


How do I know my size on SHEIN?

To find out your SHEIN size, when you select the product you want, click on “Size Guide“, you will see each US measurement converted to Brazil measurements.


How to know SHEIN sizes?

Each piece of clothing from SHEIN has different sizes and measurements, when selecting the product you want, click on “Size Guide” to check the measurements.


How to know your size on SHEIN?

To find your size on SHEIN, select the product you want to buy and click on “Size Guide“, a table will open with body and product measurements.


How to know the size of clothes on SHEIN?

To find out the size of clothes on SHEIN when buying, just select the desired product and click on “Size guide“, then a table will open with sizes and measurements.


SHEIN sizes in Brazil, what are they?

The sizes on the SHEIN website refer to US measurements, but after selecting the product you want, click on “Size Guide” and you will see the conversion to Brazilian measurements.


SHEIN children’s size, where to find?

You can find children’s sizes at SHEIN by clicking on “Size Guide” after selecting the desired piece.


SHEIN size guide, where to find it?

You can find the SHEIN Size Guide by clicking on the garment you want to buy, when you do, a link with the name “Sizing Guide” will appear with the measurements.




I hope this article has helped you understand how the SHEIN sizing chart works, and the importance of taking your measurements before purchasing your clothes on the site.

If this article was useful for you, I ask that you please share it with your friends who like to buy online, if I was able to help you with this content, they will certainly be helped too.

This is not everything! There is a lot of content on TAG SHEIN english here on the blog that you will really like, check it out!

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