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We are anxious whenever we shop online for our products to arrive as quickly as possible, isn’t that true? But when we try to carry out international tracking and something unexpected happens, such as a lack of updates, for example, it is very frustrating.

And that’s precisely why I decided to write this article, because there are many people experiencing this “problem” on the internet in relation to purchases made at SHEIN, claiming that SHEIN’s tracking does not update the delivery status.

But don’t worry, in this article I’ll explain how SHEIN tracking works and the best way to track your order.

In this article we will cover the following topics

  1. What is SHEIN tracking?
  2. Where can I track my SHEIN order?
  3. SHEIN Tracking | Where is the best place to track?
  4. SHEIN Tracking | How to track my order?
  5. Conclusion

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What is SHEIN tracking?

Tracking at SHEIN has several steps and is the monitoring of the status of your order, that is, the possibility of knowing exactly where it is at the moment, for this you receive a tracking code and through this code you can track your order on the website of SHEIN and the Post Office.


Where can I track my SHEIN order?

You can track your SHEIN order basically in three different ways:

  1. By third-party applications;
  2. By US tracking platforms;
  3. Through the SHEIN website or app.


However, I absolutely do not recommend that you track your SHEIN order through third-party apps or other US tracking platforms.

This is because, in general, all these tools cannot obtain information about what happens to your merchandise while it is outside the United States.

That is, while your order is being transported there in China, you will not have any updates if you are tracking through these platforms.

And you won’t have updates on your order’s movement for days, since once it leaves SHEIN, your order takes an average of eight days to arrive in the US.


SHEIN Tracking | Where is the best place to track?

The best place to track your SHEIN order is through the company’s own website or application, of these two, of course, the best is through the app.

This is because you have greater convenience since your cell phone is always at hand and thus, information about your order is always easy and quick to find.


SHEIN tracking from payment to delivery!

In addition to convenience, what happens with other SHEIN order tracking platforms does not happen when you use the company’s app or website.

That is, you are not left without being informed about what happens to your order, absolutely all the movements of your purchase arrive for you in the sa SHEIN app.

Soon, tracking your order through the SHEIN website or application, you will have information about your merchandise from confirmation of your payment to delivery to your residence.

See an example in the image below, this is the SHEIN application tracking screen of my purchase, note that I have had information since payment confirmation.

shein tracking


SHEIN Tracking | How to track my order?

To perform SHEIN tracking, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open the SHEIN app;

shein tracking



Step 2. Access your profile;

shein tracking


Passo 3. Selecione a seção onde deseja acompanhar seu pedido;

shein tracking



Passo 4. Toque no pedido que deseja rastrear;

shein tracking



Step 5. Done! You can now track your order;

shein tracking



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I hope this article has helped you understand how SHEIN tracking works and what is the best way to do it.

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