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You’ve heard of the SHEIN VIP program, but do you know how it works and how to apply? Find out everything you need in this article!







SHEIN‘s on-duty consumers can now count on one more advantage created by the company, I’m talking about SHEIN VIP, a great loyalty program that grants those who participate several rewards for redemption and exclusive benefits! 🇧🇷

You probably didn’t get to this article by chance, you’ve certainly heard about SHEIN VIP, SHEIN itself provides notices regarding news on its website in the form and banners.

Today you will know EXACTLY EVERYTHING about this gift from SHEIN for you assiduous consumers, read this entire article carefully to find out how it works and how to sign up for SHEIN VIP.

In this article we will cover the following topics:

  1. What is SHEIN VIP?
  2. SHEIN VIP, how does it work?
  3. SHEIN VIP, what are the benefits?
  4. About the validity of the SHEIN VIP
  5. About SHEIN VIP levels?
  6. How do SHEIN VIP rewards work?
  7. SHEIN VIP, how can I cancel my membership?
  8. Considerations
  9. Conclusion

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What is SHEIN VIP?

SHEIN VIP is a rewards program created by SHEIN for the company’s fans, through which customers have a series of benefits and advantages as they continue to consume the products.


SHEIN VIP, how does it work?

The SHEIN VIP Program works with levels ranging from S0 to S3 and grows as you shop on the SHEIN website and earn program points over a 12-month period.


SHEIN VIP, how to apply?

You do not need to register in any way other than that done on the SHEIN website to sign up for SHEIN VIP, it is also not necessary to pay any fees, you are automatically active in the program and will level up as you accumulate points.

SHEIN warns however that any attempt to manipulate the SHEIN VIP program will result in the user being banned without any prior notice, the banned user will consequently have all their coupons and rewards associated with the program lost.



SHEIN VIP, what are the benefits?

The SHEIN VIP Program grants participants according to their respective levels the following benefits:

  • Prizes;
  • Access to events and pop-ups;
  • Exclusive promotions;
  • Latest news from the world of fashion;
  • Rewards.

Regarding exclusive promotions, in the image below you can see the difference on the SHEIN app screen between users with S0 and S3 levels:

shein vip


About the validity of the SHEIN VIP

Only completed purchases are counted for inclusion and graduation in the SHEIN VIP program, understand that refunded purchases, rejections, cancellations and also payments made with gift cards are not considered or taken into account by the program.

About SHEIN VIP levels?

The SHEIN VIP loyalty program has four different levels for participating users, they are:

  • Level S0 – for users who have not yet made any purchases;
  • Level S1
  • Level S2
  • Level S3

Levels S1, S2 and S3 are higher and are acquired progressively as you shop on the SHEIN website and accumulate points for the program.

After acquiring a level, it will be valid for 12 months, if you graduate to S1 for example and do not make purchases during the next 12 months after graduation, your level will be downgraded to S1.


After two months at a level, you will need to verify your identity every month, this is done via the SHEIN website or the company’s application, that is, if you have just climbed to level S1, for example, and made more purchases within the month, you will have to send your data for validation, the update takes place within 24 hours and after this period you will be able to check if you have obtained another graduation.

What is taken into account for ranking in levels?

For grading levels, SHEIN takes into account the times of purchases eligible for the program or the amount spent on these purchases in the period.


How do SHEIN VIP rewards work?

As you graduate within SHEIN VIP, you will be entitled to several exclusive offers, but do not worry that these offers are periodically available on the SHEIN website or application.

Please understand that rewards from the SHEIN VIP program cannot be used to purchase gift cards or applied to previous purchases.



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SHEIN VIP, how can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your subscription to the SHEIN VIP program through the SHEIN website through your account, but if you prefer, you can do so through the company’s service channels.


If you’ve made it this far but still have questions, calm down my friend! I brought here a video from the Nazareth’s Group channel that can close with a golden key and facilitate your understanding of the program, watch it:




I hope this article has helped you understand how it works and how to sign up for SHEIN VIP, as well as getting more information and details about this SHEIN loyalty program.

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