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Why not buy from SHEIN? The question that everybody wants to hear! That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article and at the end of it you’ll be able to decide whether or not it’s worth buying from the company.






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SHEIN emerged with the intention of being a reference in the fast fashion market and since its foundation, it has been growing overwhelmingly, along with its growth, a question has also been growing on the web: Why not buy at SHEIN?

I’ve been researching in depth what would be the most frequently asked questions about this subject on Google and here are the ones with the most volume:

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However, the main reason for the question “why not buy from SHEIN” is the association of the SHEIN name with slave labor.

But don’t worry, because we’re going to talk about both this controversial subject and the positive and negative points that the company has, so that in the end you’ll be able to decide whether or not to buy from SHEIN.

In this article we will cover the following topics:

  1. SHEIN and slave labor, an analysis
  2. Why not buy from SHEIN?
  3. Conclusion

Good reading! 🇧🇷



SHEIN and slave labor, an analysis

After its explosion in the fast fashion market, SHEIN began to be the target of a series of allegations of slave labor and child labor.

Faced with this accusation, a number of consumers began to consider even a possible boycott of the company, driven by influential people in the fashion world.

The idea, however, did not prosper and SHEIN grew so much that it practically swallowed the market share of many companies around the world.

Even in Brazil, local companies that used to compete only with each other, today lose many sales to SHEIN.

Well, I’m no expert in investigation, but I know how to do a good research and before writing this article, that’s what I did, I researched and researched a lot about this controversy and I bring some points here for reflection.

If you find something divergent out there, be sure to express yourself in the comments at the end of the article.


Information about the prosecution on the internet

After research and more research on the internet, I found numerous articles about this accusation of slave labor by SHEIN on various blogs and news portals, but all of them with basically the same structure.

That is, in the end, you can put all the reports together and turn them into one, this is what we call the “echo effect” among publishers, I’m a blogger and I know how it works:

First, a controversy arises;
Some news portal gets information quickly and publishes something about it;
Other news portals begin to publish the same article with different words.

Want an example of what I’m talking about? Okay, I’ll give you an example of mine! I realized one day that there were a lot of people searching Google in my country, which is Brazil, the following question: “Como saber se fui taxada na SHEIN?

I went there and wrote the article because my intention with the blog is not only to help support my house and my daughter, but also to help you, my readers from Brazil and the rest of the world, with your doubts about online shopping.

Then! A short time later… Look who appeared in the Google search disputing the same result as me:

why not buy at shein

If you click on these results you will see that it is almost a CRTL+C, CTRL+V from one blog to another, with very few differences.

This is because those of us who publish articles live on ad revenue and in the case of controversies like this one involving possible slave labor by SHEIN, all news portals, which also survive on income from advertisements, will want to publish news and benefit from the high demand for information.

I’m explaining all this to you so that you understand this first point of reflection: We can’t be too impacted by the large amount of news on Google about a certain controversy.

All that amount of news on Google talking about the same subject, after all, does not necessarily guarantee the veracity of the accusations in question.

All those portals are ultimately competing for you, they all want to have your preference for reading the content.



Absence of serious investigative reporting

After searching on Google, it was time for YouTube, my intention was to find a serious report from a television newspaper about this accusation through an investigative report and not these little videos of ordinary people like you and me on the subject.

Oh Tayane! But China is a closed country! Easy there! Not so closed! Do not see China as an impenetrable country, there is even a large colony of Brazilians living there.

For the time that this controversy arose and for the size of the fuss it was, I believe that there should have been some investigative reporting on the subject by some serious channel.

Oh! Just to prove to you that China isn’t so closed off as to hide everything from everyone under lock and key, I’ll tell you the story of the Uighurs.

The Uighurs are an ethnic people of Turkmen origin whose China is accused of keeping prisoners in a mass incarceration system, China denies to death and the faces of these people were never released, but the photos leaked.

A much more serious accusation than the one they made about SHEIN, isn’t it? And if China is so closed off to the point that no one can prove the veracity of an accusation, why did the BBC manage to do this report on the Uighurs in such rich detail? The video is in Portuguese-BR, turn on the subtitles and watch, it’s only 3 minutes:

This is just to bring you to another reflection, in the face of such a serious accusation that a well-known multinational company subjects adults and children to slave labor, there should be more robust and tangible evidence to attest to the truth of this.



something for you to rate

Well, not to be frivolous, I found a report talking specifically about SHEIN and I would like you to watch it and draw your own conclusions about it.

The report has 8 minutes and 57 seconds and is not Brazilian, the language is in English, but you can enable subtitles in Portuguese on YouTube.

I watched it twice and the points covered were as follows:

  • Negative issues were pointed out about SHEIN in relation to climate issues due to the high volume of clothes that are manufactured every day;
  • Accusations were made that workers who work at the company do not have all their social rights guaranteed.

Well, in relation to environmental issues, it was not clear, nor what would be the solutions to be adopted by the newly born SHEIN, nor by the other hundreds of companies that over decades dropped tons and more tons of fabric on the planet and still continue to drop.

In relation to workers who, according to the report, have suppressed social rights, the accusation was very vague, without in-depth interviews with some of these workers, without formal complaints, without evidence that the workers who were filmed in the report were actually working for SHEIN.

Would so much fuss really be a concern for the environment and the dignity of workers or would it be something commissioned by a competition that is extremely concerned about a company that grows like a boogeyman every year?

Well, watch the report and draw your own conclusions:


SHEIN’s response to the accusations

SHEIN denies all accusations of slave and/or child labor, I highlight this response from the company in a report by the Metrópole newspaper on the subject:

Shein claims that it “never uses forced or child labor” in its productions and that it “campaigns against unethical practices”. However, the company received a score of 1 out of 100 on the latest Fashion Transparency Index, which ranks the data transparency of major global brands. In comparison, Zara received 36 and H&M 68.



My considerations

Faced with these accusations about a possible practice of slave labor by SHEIN, we then have a “smokescreen”, because:

  • There are many accusations;
  • No hard evidence;
  • Company refusal;
  • Little transparency about the case;
  • No one talks about it anymore today.

In view of this, it is not possible to say with certainty that SHEIN engages in this practice, therefore, if this is a condition for you to decide to buy from the company or not, then you will have to analyze all available information and decide on your own about the Subject.



Why not buy from SHEIN?

Now that we’ve done a thorough analysis on SHEIN’s reports of slave labor, let’s now discuss important points that will help you form your decision on whether or not to buy from the company.

This time talking about what SHEIN has to offer to its clientele around the world, that is, I will expose here the positive and negative points that I consider important about SHEIN during all this time helping you with information about the company.




Numerous shopping benefits

When accessing the SHEIN website, you are bombarded at all times by countless discount coupons, free shipping coupons and the most varied promotions.

For those who like to buy online, this is excellent.


quality of clothes

SHEIN clothes are of high quality for what the business model proposes, of course you cannot expect pieces with the same quality from brands like Gucci, Burberry or Valentino.

It is necessary to understand that SHEIN is a company that operates in the field of fast fashion, which means “fast fashion”, with cheaper and more competitive pieces, however the company does not fall short in this point and delivers satisfactory quality.

To see an investigation I did into the quality of SHEIN clothing, read this article below:

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SHEIN Affiliate program

SHEIN has an affiliate program where you can register and earn a good extra income by promoting the company’s products on your social networks or blogs.

If you want to learn more about how this program works and how to apply, click on the link below and read the article.



Clothes and other products for free

SHEIN has the Free Trial Program, where you register and, when selected, you can choose from several products available for free trial every week.

Your only responsibility when participating in the free trial program is to report the quality of these products to the company.

If you want to know more information, read the article below:

👉 SHEIN FREE TRIAL | Find out NOW how it works!



There is also the SHEIN Vip program, where you, simply by making your purchases at the company normally, go up a level, and these levels are progressive and with that you gain a series of benefits that people who are in levels below you do not gain.

Click on the link below and learn more:

👉 SHEIN VIP, how does it work and how to sign up?


partnership program

SHEIN has a partnership program where you apply for participation and can be a kind of blogger or better yet, a company ambassador and earn a series of benefits and treats periodically.

See how it works by accessing the article below:

👉 How to be sponsored by SHEIN?



Points program

SHEIN also has a points program with various means of acquisition that means that any customer can collect a large amount of points and have excellent discounts on purchases.

There is also an article here on the blog where I teach you how to get lots of points in SHEIN easily, see how by clicking on the link below:

👉 How to earn points at SHEIN?

Negative points

delay in delivery

If you are anxious and like to buy and have your product in your hands quickly, consider having to make an effort to have a little patience when buying from SHEIN, because SHEIN is from China, and the products take an average of 15 days to arrive at your residence.

Well, I’ve been shopping at SHEIN for a long time and speaking as a consumer, I have this as the only negative point, but tolerable, since delays are normal when importing goods from other countries.

Furthermore, the delivery time has been reduced by half, I remember that before the purchases I made on Wish, for example, took more than 30 days to arrive.

Apart from the delivery time, I don’t have to complain about the service, availability to solve customer problems, in short, SHEIN has been doing a good job of engaging with its customers.



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I hope this article has helped you find insights that help you find an answer to the question: “Why not buy from SHEIN?” and thus, enable you to decide whether or not to make a purchase from the company yourself.

If this article was useful for you, I ask that you please share it with your friends who like to buy online, if I was able to help you with this content, they will certainly be helped too.

Don’t leave without first browsing the blog and be sure to access TAG SHEIN english, there are many interesting articles there that will be very useful for you!

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