How to VERIFY EMAIL in SHEIN? | See how to CONFIRM your email on SHEIN!


If you registered on the SHEIN website, you must VERIFY the email before it EXPIRES! Calm down, in this article I teach you how to do it!







Something relatively simple, but which has given a lot of headaches to many people who want to make purchases at SHEIN, is not completing the registration on the company’s website or application.

This is because many people do not know how to verify email on SHEIN, or there are reports that everything was done correctly, but it is not possible to confirm the email due to some problem.

If you’ve reached this article, it’s because you’re going through the same situation, but rest assured that in this article I’ll teach you how to confirm email on SHEIN and not only that, I’ll leave a solution channel that SHEIN itself has made available to you. that people who have this type of problem, get in touch with her.

Anyway, read everything carefully, identify what your problem is in this article and see which of the solutions will help you.

In this article we will cover the following topics:

  1. Email verification, understand how it works!
  2. How to VERIFY EMAIL in SHEIN?
  3. Conclusion

Good reading! ✌



Email verification, understand how it works!

What is an email verification?

E-mail verification is a process that companies carry out to detect whether the e-mail used in the registration is a valid e-mail, that is, if it is an e-mail that can be used to receive messages.

Email verification is very simple, with the following steps:

  1. The user registers on the company’s platform with his best email;
  2. The company sends a registration confirmation email to the email address used by the user;
  3. The user opens the email sent by the company and clicks on the confirmation link;
  4. The user is redirected to the company’s website in its exclusive customer area;
  5. Registration is automatically completed.



SHEIN Email Verification | Problems

Although it is a simple process, many users have difficulties in performing email verification on SHEIN, researching a lot about what is happening, I found two groups of people:

People who have difficulties with computers and consequently with the use of e-mails;
People who know how email verification works but the problem is in SHEIN’s own system.

In the next topic we will address the two groups, the two problems and how to solve them!



How to verify email on SHEIN?

1 . After completing the registration, SHEIN will send you a confirmation email;

how to verify email on shein


2 . Open your email and locate the email from SHEIN in your inbox, spam or junk folder;

how to verify email on shein



3 . When you find the email from SHEIN, open the message;

how to verify email on shein



4 . After opening the message, click on “confirm”;

how to verify email on shein



5 . Ready! Your SHEIN registration was successful;

how to verify email on shein


Remember the two groups of people I highlighted above? This step by step that you saw is intended for that group of people with little knowledge in computers and who do not know how to use e-mail well, if you belong to this group, I hope you were able to confirm SHEIN’s e-mail with this tutorial .

If, however, you belong to another group that cannot check e-mail at SHEIN due to a problem with the system, either on the website or in the application, know that SHEIN provides an exclusive channel to resolve this problem quickly, just click on the link below and you will be automatically redirected:

👉 SHEIN support to help with email verification



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I hope this article helped you understand how you can verify your email on SHEIN.

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