Being a SHEIN Affiliate you have numerous benefits, such as good extra income and coupons, find out everything you need to participate!







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SHEIN is reliable and strong when it comes to fast fashion, many people who shop on the internet frequently access both the website and the SHEIN app every day but do not know that the company, in addition to the SHEIN Vip programs, SHEIN Partners , Free Trial and many others.

It also has an affiliate program where it is possible to earn a good extra income selling on SHEIN and working from home.

In this article we will cover the following topics:

  1. What is an Affiliate?
  2. Is SHEIN Affiliate worth it?
  3. What are the benefits of being a SHEIN Affiliate?
  4. What are the benefits for customers?
  5. How to be a SHEIN Affiliate?
  6. frequently asked questions
  7. Conclusion

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What is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is a digital seller who works autonomously for a company, advertising its products on social media over the internet, each product advertised is marked with a cookie that contains the seller’s identification, making it possible to identify him and receive commissions.

The growth of this market in recent years has increased competition for sales, but it is still an area on the rise. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, the affiliate market is one of the most effective strategies to attract new customers for ⅓ of marketing professionals. Source: Gyramais

This video below from the VidSociety channel will help you to understand the concept of Affiliate more deeply, watch it:




Is SHEIN Affiliate worth it?

Being a SHEIN Affiliate is really worth it, since the products are already well known and highly authoritative, making it easy to sell and consequently receive good commissions.

Do not worry that in this topic you will discover everything you need to be part of this program, we will cover the following important points here:

  1. SHEIN Affiliates, how does it work?
  2. What are the benefits of being a SHEIN Affiliate?
  3. What are the benefits for customers?
  4. How to be a shein Affiliate?


SHEIN Affiliates, how does it work?

SHEIN’s Affiliate program works as a partnership, where you register on the company’s website and, if approved, you can advertise your products on social networks, blogs and other platforms, having a cookie that identifies you if any purchase is made, being able to receive from 10% to 20% for each sale.

It is possible to work for SHEIN directly, that is, literally being part of the company’s staff, but this is not the case with the Affiliate Program, in this program you have the chance to work indirectly selling various products available on the site, such as the well-known SHEIN clothes.

You can promote the company’s products through your affiliate links in several ways and the sales dynamic as a SHEIN Affiliate works as follows:


1. You promote SHEIN on your blog or your social media:

Once you are part of the SHEIN Affiliate program, you will have access to an affiliate link for each product that you wish to carry out a publicity campaign, and you will be able to promote this link on your social networks or blog.


2. People click on your Affiliate link and decide to buy:

With your disclosures that you make, people start clicking on your Affiliate links and start accessing the SHEIN website, where they can easily make a purchase.

Make no mistake, the difference in being an Affiliate at SHEIN is that the company’s products are already known worldwide and very easy to sell.


3. You receive your commission for every purchase made:

Each customer who accesses the SHEIN website and makes a purchase through your Affiliate link that was disclosed, you receive a commission of 20% to 30% on the value of the product.



What are the benefits of being a SHEIN Affiliate?

Once you become a SHEIN Affiliate, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  1. Receive 10% to 20% commission for each sale made;
  2. Cash bonus every month for sharing SHEIN promotions;
  3. Banner, coupon and bonus updates every month;
  4. Receive information by email of all news about promotions;
  5. 30-day cookie duration.


What are the benefits for customers?

Customers who buy from you as an affiliate will enjoy all the benefits offered by SHEIN, which are as follows:

  1. A robust stock of goods for prompt delivery;
  2. More than 500 new parts available daily;
  3. Low and affordable prices;
  4. Full time customer service;
  5. Right of return without questions.



How to be a SHEIN Affiliate?

1. Access this link:;

affiliate shein



2. Click Sign Up/Register Free Now;

affiliate shein



3. Fill in your details;

affiliate shein




4. Check the box if you want to receive offers by email;

affiliate shein




5. Click on “next”;

affiliate shein



6. Done, now just wait for the response by email.



If by any chance you got here with any doubts regarding the step by step, don’t worry, I brought here a video from the AM Business channel that will help you finalize your registration for the SHEIN Affiliate Program, watch it:



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frequently asked questions

Is it possible to become a SHEIN Affiliate?

It is fully possible to be a SHEIN affiliate, for that, you just need to register on the company’s website and wait for the response in your email.


How much does a SHEIN Affiliate earn?

There is no way to determine how much a SHEIN affiliate earns, because in the affiliate market your income is linked to the number of sales you make, but as SHEIN products are well known, you can earn good money.


How to join SHEIN?

To join SHEIN, you must register on the company’s website and wait for the result of your evaluation.

In this article you have all the step by step to make your registration.


Is SHEIN Affiliate worth it?

It is very worthwhile to be a SHEIN affiliate, since SHEIN is reliable and well-known, having well-known and desired products on the internet.


SHEIN Affiliate Registration, how to do it?

To register and start working as a SHEIN Affiliate, follow all the instructions in this article.


Affilié SHEIN, comment ça marche ?

Pour être un affilié SHEIN, vous dez vous inscrire sur le website de l’entreprise et attendre l’approval.



Affiliate SHEIN Brazil, where to sign up?

To sign up as a SHEIN Brazil Affiliate, you need to access the SHEIN Affiliate Program page and register to participate.



How to sell on SHEIN?

You can sell at SHEIN through the company’s Affiliate Program, in this program you receive a commission for every sale you make of the products available on the site.



SHEIN affiliate, how does it work?

The SHEIN Affiliate program is an opportunity for you to sell the company’s products and receive good commissions for each sale you make.

In this article I teach you how you can register.



SHEIN Affiliate Program, how do I apply?

To enroll in the SHEIN Affiliate Program, you must access the link: and register.



SHEIN Portugal Affiliates, how does it work?

The SHEIN Affiliate Program is the same for all countries covered by the company, this applies to Portugal, to participate, just sign up by accessing the program page.

In this same article I teach you all the step by step you need.



SHEIN 2022 Affiliate, how do I sign up?

To enroll in the SHEIN Affiliate Program in 2022, simply access the link: and register.



How to make money on SHEIN?

A good way to earn money with SHEIN and that is used by people from several countries is by being part of the company’s Affiliate Program, you sell its products and earn good commissions.



Is joining SHEIN easy?

Affiliating with SHEIN is very easy, just access the link: and register, then just wait for the company’s response. affiliates is where do I register?

No, the “” link is not the link to sign up for the SHEIN affiliate program, the correct link is: .



How to become a SHEIN dealer?

A great way for you to be a SHEIN reseller is to participate in the company’s Affiliate Program, just register and sell without the need to buy tons of products and build stock.



SHEIN Affiliate Registration, where do I do it?

You register to become a SHEIN Affiliate by accessing the company’s affiliate program page, then just wait for SHEIN’s response.



Affiliate SHEIN Angola, how does it work?

To participate in the SHEIN Angola Affiliate Program, simply register on the company’s website, you can earn good commissions for each sale made.



SHEIN Portugal Affiliate Program, how do I apply?

To enroll in the SHEIN Portugal Affiliate Program, just access the program page on the SHEIN website and register, the company pays good commissions for each product sold.



Is SHEIN Affiliate worth it?

It pays to be a SHEIN Affiliate, as the company pays good commissions for every sale you make of the site’s products.



SHEIN Affiliate Link, where can I get it?

The link for you to register for the SHEIN Affiliate Program is this:




I hope I helped you understand everything you need to be a successful SHEIN Affiliate and start earning good extra income in the comfort of your home.

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